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Fitness is an essential part of our lives and in order to function well, our body needs the lubrication of exercises and workout. However, not all of us are experts in working out and we need a proper guidance for the same. Crunch Fitness hours brings your great pleasure of buring calories with the interesting equipment.

Erstwhile trader Doug Levine founded the fitness centre in 1989, and it didn’t take long for the club to acquire fame particularly among the younger people and fitness fanatics owing to its creative marketing techniques and ability to generate results. Their unique training courses, in addition to delivering top-of-the-line fitness equipment, helped them become highly popular.

Crunch was bought for $90 million by Bally Total Fitness in 2001, and it was transferred four years later to Angelo, Gordon & Co., a private equity group. After four years, the club was sold to New Evolution Fitness Company, which was founded by Mark Mastrov, who also contributed co-found 24 Hour Fitness. More sites, particularly UFC gyms, were introduced as a result of this transaction.

When does Crunch Fitness Hours open?

Before we join a particular gym or fitness institution, we must be aware of the timing. Or else, it won’t be possible for us to plan our daily routine. Crunch fitness hours are available from Monday through Friday with the same timings. Even weekend timings are also close to the regular timings with just a couple of hour exemption in open and closing hours.

This gives the people with different work schedules to work out at a time suitable for them.Best part that people appreciate about the crunch fitness timings is it availability. The fitness club focus more on flexibility and the convenience for its users.

Crunch fitness opening hours start from 5 a.m. in most of the regions to kick start their day. The gym will be opened all day leaving it for member’s choice when to come. Crunch fitness closing hours knocks at 10 p.m. However, we recommend to visit your nearest club to know exact crunch fitness working hours in your area.

Crunch Fitness Hours

Monday5 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday5 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday5 AM – 10 PM
Thursday5 AM – 10 PM
Friday5 AM – 10 PM
Saturday7 AM – 7 PM
Sunday7 AM – 7 PM

How much does crunch cost a month?

The crunch fitness membership prices vary significantly depending on where you live, but it is often approximately $18. You’ll be able to utilise all of their gym equipment, featuring free weights, cardio, and other gear, once you’ve become a member.

There are numerous advantages to joining the league, not the least of which are the saunas, number-based locker system, and individual shower cubicles.Furthermore, each fitness centre is staffed by pleasant employees who will gladly answer any queries you may have about crunch fitness prices.

Overhead / Anti-gravity yoga, one of their most successful groups, are also available. You will be able to enhance your physical strength and flexibility by participating in this session.

Although there are a variety of crunch fitness membership cost programmes available, each one is meant to be difficult and deliver the results your body desires. Aside from the programmes and activities already stated, all Crunch facilities offer popular classes and excursions.

Crunch Fitness Membership Prices

Membership PlansPrice
Crunch Base (Monthly)$9.95
Crunch Base (Yearly)$119.40
Crunch Base Plus (Monthly)$14.95
Crunch Base Plus (Yearly)$179.40
Crunch Peak (Monthly)$19.95
Crunch Peak (Yearly)$239.40

How many Crunch Fitness Locations are there?

Before joining any particular institution, it is important that we are aware of the different locations of the gym. Due to this reason, this section will discuss about the different crunch fitness locations.

Crunch Fitness is a health and fitness franchise with over 100 sites across the United States, encompassing New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities.

Crunch Fitness now has over 225 stores across 24 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and Spain, with plans to add over 500 more franchising sites.

Cancel Membership of crunch fitness

A lot of times we don’t like a particular service and it is imperative that we will move on from it. At such a point if you are looking for ways to cancel crunch fitness membership, we will help you.  After one year, you can terminate your Crunch Gym subscription. One must pay $200 in administrative expenses for early termination if you wish to terminate your subscription before the billing year finishes.

Can you bring a guest to crunch fitness?

Does crunch fitness allow children?

Does crunch fitness have babysitting?

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