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You must have heard about the saying, “Health is wealth!” However, what are the steps that we take in our daily lives for allowing this ‘wealth’ to grow? One of the first things that comes to your mind is fitness. As per our thinking, burning out your calories in Fitness connection hours is the best way to maintain your fitness.

Fitness Connection is different from any regular gym where you can go and workout after availing their membership fees. However, what makes Fitness Connection stand out amongst the crowd is it’s exceptionally low $10 a month membership fees. Apart from that,it has a cooperative environment where the members help each other out.

The brand name of Fitness Connection speaks the vision where it tries to connect all fitness inclined people to achieve a particular body goal. This is the reason why Fitness Connection has become the fastest emerging fitness brand in the entire USA.

What are Fitness Connection Hours?

Fitness Connection hours are similar to other facilities in the health and fitness sector. Here there are extended hours of operation that begin right in the morning. Popular for their late closing times, fitness Connection hours likely most other health and wellness clubs, are subject to vary. This feature is beneficial for personnel with long hours or the ones otherwise engaged throughout the day.

The Fitness Connection weekday hours open at 5 a.m. and weekend hours at 8 a.m. making it one of the first gyms in the area. Even so, early risers will have plenty of time to visit their local fitness centers. Fitness Connection closing hours are somewhat distinct structure when compared to others.

Several branches close at 12 a.m. Monday through Thursday, which is one of the later closing hours in the business. It should be noted that on Fridays, the outlets close down a little earlier than 10 p.m., while fitness connection weekend hours extend till 8 p.m.

Fitness Connection Timings:

Monday5 AM – 12 AM
Tuesday 5 AM – 12 AM
Wednesday 5 AM – 12 AM
Thursday 5 AM – 12 AM
Friday5 AM – 10 PM
Saturday8 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 8 AM – 10 PM

How much is Fitness connection Membership?

As of now Fitness connection membership costs can be availed by student couple where one of the members has to be a student. Similarly, senior couples can also avail their membership plans if they are married and above the age of 55. Fitness connection doesn’t provide quarterly membership fees. However, the Fitness connection price for one club access is $ 249.99, and for multi-club access is $ 299.99.

Fitness Connection Membership Prices

Membership PlansPrice
One Club access (Monthly)$9.95
One Club access (Yearly)$19.95
All Club access (Monthly)$249.00
All Club access (Yearly)$299.00

Find Fitness Connection locations

Now that you have learnt the basic information about Fitness connection, it is imperative that you must be curious about the probable Fitness connection locations. The fitness chain does not have as many locations as most other health and fitness facilities because they are newbies.

However, Fitness Connection facilities are currently located in Austin, Houston, Carrollton, North Carolina and other with a total of 26 locations. Check out the below map to find Fitness Connection locations and find the nearest one in your town/city.

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