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What is it that you miss in your life nowadays? Is it the child like bliss or the agility you had during your childhood? Well, while the former one is surely dependent on the state of mind, the latter can be achieved even now. A fit body can be achieved through regular workouts and exercise and lifetime fitness hours welcomes you for that.

While we are aware that in today’s busy lifestyle, it couldn’t be difficult to spare few lifetime fitness hours will give you the energy for the week. Here are Lifetime fitness details that would allow you to make an informed decision regarding your investment of time and money.

Life Time Fitness is a chain of fitness centres with locations in the United States and Canada. While the firm is founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, its popularity has expanded across the country because to its extensive range of services, facilities, and the fact that most sites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lifetime Fitness offers personal fitness instruction, sports, family activities, a child care centre, and more that makes it different from other gyms and fitness clubs around.

What time does Lifetime fitness open?

As the name suggests, there should not be any confusion regarding lifetime fitness hours. Lifetime Fitness, as the name implies, is open seven days a week at best timings. This makes it difficult to find excuses when you are a member.

This is what makes lifelong fitness hours so special: it’s a location you may visit at any hour of the day and another location in the evening. Lifetime fitness opening hours beings at 4 a.m. and goes up to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The health club timings slightly relaxes on weekends and make lifetime fitness weekend hours 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. However, during the COVID pandemic, several clubs have altered their timing policies. We suggest you to check the lifetime fitness hours with your nearest outlet by yourself.

Lifetime Fitness Hours

Monday4 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday4 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday4 AM – 11 PM
Thursday4 AM – 11 PM
Friday4 AM – 11 PM
Saturday6 AM – 9 PM
Sunday6 AM – 9 PM

How much does Lifetime Fitness cost?

The lifetime fitness membership cost varies depending on the region. However, the majority of lifetime fitness prices are approximately $90 per month. The customer can also sample the site for free, and price requests can be made through their website. You may also inquire about the fee at your local Life Time Fitness location.

Furthermore, you are not need to sign a long-term commitment because month-to-month subscriptions are available. After paying lifetime fitness membership cost, members will get a variety of advantages. This will include Group Activities, which provide access to programmes based on customer’s interests, such as swimming, cycling, etc.

Members get access to all of these classes at no additional cost. All gym members have free lockers, and you may utilise the most up-to-date training equipment. Unlike other gyms, there are hundreds of workout equipment accessible, so you don’t have to wait for someone else to complete before you can begin.

Lifetime Fitness Membership Prices

Membership PlanPrice
One club access Single$69
One club access Second person$119
One club access kids (per one child)$20
All club access (per person)$79

Club locations- Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime fitness runs luxury sports resorts, owns and organises legendary sporting events. Lifetime fitness locations is extending its brand through Life Time Work premium coworking spaces and Life Time Living high-end rented apartments in 41 key locations across the United States and Canada. In the USA, lifetime fitness locations are available at states like Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc.

How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness membership

Can I hold or freeze Lifetime fitness membership?

Do Lifetime fitness allow guests to the club?

Yes, they invite guests to clubs when accompanied with member. But, guests must sign a Guest Register and present a valid photo ID at the time of visit.

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