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Are you one of those people who don’t start their day without a mind stimulating exercise session? Well, in that case we need not tell you the importance of working out to keep your body fit, healthy and stay in shape. For all the seasoned workout specialists out there, we are sure you must have heard about Pure Barre fitness gym and the Pure Barre prices. For those who don’t know, this article will provide all the information about Pure Barre membership cost, Pure Barre hours and other important details that you must be aware of before you make an investment.

With over 500 facilities across North America, Pure Barre is the largest and most established barre brand. Pure Barre, which has a loyal following of over 550,000 people, focuses on little motions that lead to huge improvements.

Pure Barre’s unique approach is available in a variety of classes that focus on strength, cardio, and flexibility for people of all fitness levels. Pure Barre is a total-body barre exercise that focuses on low-impact, high-intensity routines that lift and tone muscles while improving strength, agility, and suppleness.

Pure Barre Hours: Full Body workout Timings

The time schedule of Pure Barre is highly variable. It is important that the interested individuals clear up the timing schedule with the outlet they wish to join. However, it should be noted that Pure Barre class hours do not extend any longer than 55 minutes. Customers are advised to visit Pure barre at least thrice a week to see results.

The Pure Barre hours are quite simple, gyms are open 24 hours round the clock so that customers can work out at any point of time they want to. It can be after their classes, shift, or any other work. Pure Barre first timers must interact properly with their trainers and should not exercise beyond the Pure barre hours specified by them.

Barre workout Hours

MondayOpen 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

How much is Pure Barre Membership Fee?

Pure Barre membership prices are quite cheap and affordable for the facilities and services they provide. To achieve your goals and see rapid results, Pure Barre’s expert instructors advocate working out hard at least four times each week.

An unrestricted month-long Pure barre membership costs around $ 12.00 per day, a complete three-month pass costs approximately $ 9.00 per day, and an endless Pure Barre annual fee pass will cost the customers just $ 8.30 per day.

Pure Barre Prices

Membership PlansPrice
One month unlimited$199
One month unlimited special$100
1 class$22
5 classes$100
10 classes$190
15 classes$270
20 classes$340

How many Pure Barre Locations are there?

Pure Barre has emerged to be one of the largest franchises in the USA with outlets ranging to an upward count of 600. They also have started expanding into various states in Canada and they have recently crossed the 550 outlets count in Canada as well. Pure Barre locations have also expanded into other countries like Germany, Spain, France, UK, Australia, etc.

If we consider only about USA, Pure Barre is available in 48 states of the USA with California having the majority i.e., over 53 of the total Pure Barre locations in the USA. Next comes Texas with 50 locations and the third state is Florida with 46 Pure Barre locations.

Cancel Pure barre membership

The method to cancel Pure Barre membership is rather easy and no frills attached. We want to tell you that you can cancel Pure Barre membership easily through their website. All you need to do is submit your name, Pure Barre location you have been availing the fitness services from and along with that provide your email address in order to stop your membership plan. It should also be noted by the customers that Pure Barre doesn’t allow customers to cancel their membership over mobile phones or SMS messages.

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