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Fruits are always good for us. Just think about what is your most favourite fruit? Well, whatever it might be, we often have to eat certain fruits that are good for our health but we don’t like them. Likewise, exercising at Orangetheory fitness hours is necessary for keeping your body fit and hungry for better muscle nutrition.

We always suggest people to go for fitness gyms as the guidance available there is top notch. Orange theory fitness gyms and the important details regarding it. You will be intimated about Orangetheory fitness hours, membership costs, etc.

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) has a reputation for being the only one of its kind in the globe. According to its inventor, it is a fresh and innovative fitness idea that is conquering the United States. In March 2010, the very first Orangetheory Fitness studio debuted in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Ellen Latham envisioned it as a franchise concept as well. Ellen is well-qualified, with a master’s degree in exercise physiology. She used to teach Pilates, but felt that it wasn’t challenging enough to yield decent results.

How many Orangetheory Fitness hours a week?

Before we head out for orangetheory fitness membership, it is important that you are aware of the timings of the club. It should be noted that orangetheory fitness currently provides 1-hour classes to its members at this moment. The timings of orangetheory fitness are flexible as per user convienence.

How much does Orangetheory Fitness cost?

There are several orange theory fitness membership costs available to guarantee that you may enrol at a level that meets both your needs and your budget. To give you a sense of how Orangetheory fitness can help you, your first session is completely free – no strings attached.

Orange theory fitness provides programmes that are flexible and do not need a long-term commitment. If you’re utilising Orange fitness theory to get in shape for a special event, the setup is simple pay-as-you-go. If you join up for orange theory fitness Elite or Premium programmes, you may also save a lot of money.

There are different orange theory fitness prices plans available that you must check out from the franchise. They are Orange basic, orange elite, and Orange Premier. Since the prices are dependent upon the usage of features and equipment, you must check out with the nearest franchise.

Orangetheory Fitness Prices

Membership PlansPrices
Monthly Plan (8-sessions)$100
Monthly Plan (Unlimited sessions)$160
Annual Plan (8-sessions)$1300
Annual Plan (Unlimited sessions)$2000

Check Orangetheory fitness Locations near you

With fitness clubs and gyms, one thing remains common. It is the availability of the franchises in variety of locations. People who have a touring job, will prefer a fitness club with several branches across the country as well as the world.

Orangetheory fitness locations will not dissatisfy such people. Orangetheory Fitness locations have grown to a meagre 1 to a wholesome 38 sites now. This drastic increase has occurred around the country in just one year since its founding in 2010. It is still planning to open more sites in order to meet client demand.

Cancel Orange theory fitness membership

Can I bring guest to Orange theory fitness?

Are they any Orange theory fitness discounts on offer?

Yes, Orange theory offers various discounts for the range of plans they offer. Starting from the membership discounts offers for active members and non-members, they also offer pack discounts. Also, there are many other promotional discount offers, summer regional offers, retail discount offer and other free trails. So, we recommend checking out the nearest studio to get a brief view of the Orange theory fitness discounts.

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